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Aptiv Driver State Sensing

2020-02-23 13:10:33

With Aptiv Driver State Sensing, when the car senses that the driver is distracted – or even asleep – it can sound an alert or take other appropriate actions. With 41% of crashes resulting from driver inattention or distraction, and another 7% resulting from sleep, this is a critical advance in itself.

Aptiv is taking the idea a step further by integrating that capability with exterior sensors. For more than two decades, Aptiv has led the industry in sensing and perception systems, introducing the industry’s first automotive-grade radar, the first exterior sensor fusion of radar and vision, and the first AI-powered 3D Gesture Recognition System. 

It’s with that deep background and understanding of the vehicle systems that we approached the application of interior sensing. For example, at CES Aptiv showed Aptiv Interior/Exterior Sensor Fusion, which allows a car to detect when a driver is distracted or unaware of a hazard outside the vehicle and proactively warns them to prevent a life-threatening incident before it occurs.

Another potentially lifesaving advancement is Aptiv Child Presence Detection. Aptiv uses multiple sensing modalities that can help inform and take action if a child is inadvertently left behind. We can use radar, ultrasonic sensing, or cabin cameras  powered by AI algorithms to detect the presence of a baby. Our advanced radar is the most reliable solution for this, as it can sense for both heartbeat and respiration, even through dense blankets or other obstructions. These technologies provide a range of options for manufacturers, and through our integration capabilities, we can fully customize them to vehicle manufacturer specifications, enabling intelligent and effective response protocols.


Kevin Smith