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Bosch BHI260 Shuttle Board

Bosch BHI260 Shuttle Board is a PCB with the BHI260, a smart sensor hub with integrated IMU sensor, mounted on it. This shuttle board comes pre-mounted on a level-shifter board, allowing the PCB stack to be directly plugged into Bosch Sensortec's advanced development tool. Additional sensors can be connected to the M3 I2C bus, using connector J8.
  • In addition to the BHI260, the board includes:
  • On M2 master interface (configured as I2C)
  • A BME280 environmental sensor (p, rH, T)
  • A BMM150 magnetometer
  • An AK09915 magnetometer
  • On QSPI interface
  • A W25Q32FWSSI 4M-Byte flash memory connected to the BHI260
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    Kevin Smith