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JAE JN1V/JN2V Waterproof Circular Connectors

JAE Electronics JN1V/JN2V Series Waterproof Circular Connectors feature a five-point contact structure for improved reliability under high vibration. The connectors can withstand 245m/s2 (25G) vibration conditions. The series has a rated current of 3A/position (#22 size contact) and a rated voltage of 200VAC. JAE Electronics JN1V/JN2V connectors applications include servo motors for robots, automation machines, machine tools, and other industrial equipment that requires vibration resistance and waterproofness.
  • Superior contact reliability achieved with a multi-contact structured socket contact with high vibration resistance.
  • Compliant with 245m/s2 (25G) vibration condition
  • Designed to mate with standard JN1/JN2 receptacle connectors
  • Utilizes same semi-automatic crimping tool (applicator) as JN1/JN2 contacts (Requires manual crimping tool exclusive to JN2V)
  • One-touch, push-and-twist, lock mechanism
  • IP67 rated dust and waterproof when mated
  • The right-angle plug can be set in four different 90° increment cable orientations
  • JN1V is an all-plastic type and JN2V is a robust type partially using metal parts
  • 10 position contacts
  • 3A/position (#22 size contact) rated current
  • 200VAC rated voltage
  • 900VAC (1 minute) dielectric withstanding voltage
  • 1000MΩ or more (500VDC applied) insulation resistance
  • 245 m/s2 peaks, 10 to 500Hz, 3 hours for every 3 axes (total 9 hours) vibration resistance
  • 500 durability mating cycles
  • IP67 (in mated condition) waterproof performance
  • -20°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • Servo motors
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • Measurement equipment
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