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TE Connectivity Relays EW60 PCB Relays

TE Connectivity (TE) EW60 PCB Relays enables energy savings and provides low self-heating with a bi-stable magnetic system. The power latching relays are available with up to 60A switching capabilities. The EW60 series is designed to support higher switching capabilities in building systems and power distribution. Applications include lighting controls, inverters, bus actuators, and circuit protection.
  • Can enable energy savings and provide low self-heating by a bi-stable magnetic system
  • Different coil drive possibilities by 1 or 2 coil versions
  • Achieve various coil drive possibilities with 1 or 2 coil versions
  • Provide strong electronic ballast switching (50k operations, NEMA 410-2011, 16A or 20A branch circuit rating)
  • Rated current: 60A
  • Rated voltage: 250VAC
  • Coil power: 1.5 / 2x3W
  • 15kVa max breaking capacity
  • Max. switching voltage 440VAC
  • 480A inrush, 2.1ms
  • 1 form A (NO) contact, 60A
  • 1 or 2 coil bi-stable magnet system
  • PCB mounting
  • RTI (dust protected)
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